Turning Business Goal Setting Upside Down

Alison Conners ,
Renaissance Executive Forums of Virginia

alison conners
If common wisdom is to set goals for your business, what do you do in uncommon times? Are 1, 3 or even 5 year business goals still relevant and effective? Is there a better approach that enables you to be responsive to changing conditions?   In this episode, host Mary Foley talks with Alison Conners, owner of Renaissance Executive Forums of Virginia, where she hosts peer advisory groups for CEOs, business owners and executives to help them intentionally grow their business. Her practical advice for responding to today's ever changing marketplace turns traditional goal setting upside down.
Listen and learn:
  • Why traditional goal setting for your business does not work in a rapidly changing marketplace
  • A different, more effective approach to implementing your business strategy that enables you to be responsive to changing conditions
  • How to know when to seize an unexpected opportunity and when to stick to your plan
  • The biggest mistakes you see business owners make that prevent them from successfully implementing their business strategy
  • A more practical approach to 1, 3 and 5 year business plans
  • The practical power of having a peer advisory group to make smart decisions and stay adaptable
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