Top Tips to Make the Most of Business and Personal Travel

Stella Capocelli Carter ,
Tour Plan International, LLC

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Many small business owners and entrepreneurs find business or personal travel planning a stressful endeavor. There are a multitude of components that go into having a great travel experience. Circumstances arise when logistics change, online offers expire, travel companions need separate arrangements, or a client mandates an alternative meeting time. Utilizing the services of a Travel Advisor can make your travel more productive, more affordable, and help you grow your business. Plus, travel incentives are the best way to demonstrate how much you appreciate your high-performers and get team members out of the office in a diverse and fun environment. Host Mary Foley, speaks with CEO of Tour Plan International, LLC, Stella Capocelli Carter about the exciting world of business and personal travel. Stella has been a travel industry insider since 1982. During this episode, she shares the top travel tips rarely shared by the travel industry, how organizations can save big money on group excursions, and inventive ways companies can use incentive travel to build relationships between nationwide teams and to retain valuable employees.
Listen and learn:
  • The questions you should be asking yourself before you make your travel plans
  • How to manage your travel spending
  • How to be savvy and smart when traveling
  • The difference between a travel agent and a travel advisor
  • Top 5 reasons to use a travel advisor
  • Why it is important to build a relationship with a travel advisor you can trust
  • How to use travel to grow your business
  • How incentive travel programs work
  • Key benefits of using a travel advisor
  • How to use incentive travel to motivate your workforce and increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
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