Secrets to Powerful Networking

Kathy Eckhardt ,
Dream Big Now

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Is networking really working to grow your business? Does it feel awkward and inauthentic? Has networking become boring or routine? Time to refresh, regroup, and re-energize your networking with a new approach! In this episode, host Mary Foley taps into the powerful networking strategies of Kathy Eckhardt, the Dream Big Now coach. Kathy first leveraged these networking strategies to earn her way into the top 1% of all Mary Kay Sales Directors and into the driver's seat of 14 pink Cadillacs. Since then, she has dedicated herself to showing other entrepreneurs how to do the same, working as a 6 Figure Business Coach and founder of The Solopreneur Success Connection, a group of more than 400 savvy entrepreneurs.
Listen and learn:
  • The invisible sign everyone is wearing that powerful networkers see and respond to.
  • 3 of the biggest networking mistakes most people make.
  • Go-to questions to start conversations.
  • What to do if you are uncomfortable or intimidated by a room full of strangers.
  • What you must do within 48 hours after making a new connection.
  • How the role of networking changes as your business grows.
Plus, get more inspiration and ideas from Kathy in her "7 Step Quick Start Guide to Living Your Biggest, Boldest Dream Right Now!" at
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