Pivoting to Win During COVID

Leah Coleman and Gwen Hurt ,
Boss Babes RVA and Shoe Crazy Wine

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In January 2020, were you excited and ready to implement your business vision for the year? And, when COVID took hold did it force you to reassess your strategies or change the course of your business model? Real women entrepreneurs and small business owners were faced with uncertainty for an undetermined length of time. So, now that we are months into the pandemic, how did you pivot to keep your business afloat? Did some non-traditional areas of your business grow due to your expanded focus? Host Mary Foley speaks with Gwen hurt and Leah Coleman, two women entrepreneurs who were uncertain what would happen to their small businesses when the pandemic began. During this episode, these inspiring women share details about the inventive ways they shifted and pivoted to keep a steady ship, and in some cases increased brand awareness through non-traditional growth avenues during these uncertain times. Gwen Hurt is the founder and owner of Shoe Crazy Wine and along with her daughter, she works with the best vineyards in California to offer unique wine blends to customers through specialty stores and big-box retailers. Leah Coleman is an entrepreneur who offers residential, commercial, and investment properties to women in Virginia. In addition, she offers encouragement and support through her Boss Babes RVA virtual community.
Listen and learn:
  • Advice on how to respond to change and shift your business
  • The importance of taking time to assess the new business landscape
  • Ways to increase social media followers and virtual brand
  • Tips for non-traditional ways to increase revenue
  • Recognizing alternative markets for products and services
  • How checking website analytics offers client insights
  • Making the best use of any additional time in your schedule
  • Working to get as much free press as you can
  • How to strategically use your advertising dollars
  • Why keeping cash is key during uncertain times
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