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Intellectual Property Rights and Risks for Small Businesses

Intellectual Property Rights and Risks for Small Businesses

Do you know your intellectual property rights and risks as a small business owner? Whether it's securing your company's trademark, protecting your brand, or knowing copyright common law, being unaware or unprotected could cost you thousands or even your business! In this episode, host Mary Foley talks with Pam Gavin, founder and owner of Gavin Law Offices. She and her team provide nationally ranked, award-winning intellectual property services and legal counsel to businesses and individuals around the world or just down the street in Richmond, VA.
Listen and learn:
  • Why you may be unknowingly setting yourself up for a potential law suit because of your company name or brand.
  • Why searching the US Patent & Trademark Office database or just doing a Google search is not enough to determine your trademark or brand name is in the clear.
  • The key times in your business' growth that you need to consider doing a trademark search, even if you've done one in the past.
  • How much you can expect to pay for a due diligence trademark search.
  • What's the difference between a trademark, copyright and patent.
  • Recommendations every small business owner should consider regarding copyright.
  • A common copyright mistake business owners make regarding work performed by a contractor, consultant, or third-party expert that could cost you thousands.
Plus, take a deeper dive on what we discussed with these tow helpful articles by Pam's team:

What Can You Protect with Copyright?

How Does Intellectual Property Add Value to Your Business?
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