How Virtual Events Can Power Up Your Business

Amy Garelick ,
Power Up Video and Virtual Events

amy garelick
Due to the pandemic, virtual meetings have Zoom-ed into your everyday life. But, have you taken the time to consider how this technology will help you increase revenue, lower costs, and reduce your environmental footprint when face-to-face interactions are back in style? What if you could create your own virtual events? How can virtual events change the game for entrepreneurs and women in business? This is what we explore today! In this episode, host Mary Foley speaks with Amy Garelick, owner of Power Up Video and Virtual Events. Amy and her team are creative video storytellers who conceptualize, write, edit, and deliver social media marketing videos, website videos, or host virtual events. They help organizations and individual business owners create consistent content and host virtual events that are polished, compelling, and authentic. Amy shares tips for making the most of your virtual events. Plus, she shares common virtual meeting mistakes you may not realize you are making, and how you can realize additional revenue by integrating virtual events into your business.
Listen and learn:
  • How to access unrealized revenue streams by utilizing virtual events
  • Advantages of quick, professional, reliable virtual connections
  • The measurable data virtual meetings provide
  • How to avoid common mistakes with virtual events
  • What needs to work to make your event a success
  • When it's time to hire a team of virtual event professionals
  • How virtual events will evolve
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