Figuring Out What Your Customers Want Now

Stacy Thomas ,
Good Run Research

Good Run Research
As reopening happens, chances are you are considering what you need to do for customers and clients to hire you or buy from you again. Or, you might be thinking about launching a new product or service or maybe some new positioning or pricing. You truly want to hit the mark, but you are not quite sure what is the best decision. Market research is the key to knowing what your consumers want and what they are willing to pay for it. If an established market research firm seems out of reach to you, this podcast includes important information that is especially relevant as we begin reopening our businesses. In this episode, host Mary Foley speaks with Stacy Thomas, President of Good Run Research of Richmond Virginia. As experienced market researchers, Stacy and her team help new brands build presence, and established brands maintain relevance. Getting to know a clients' customers is their passion. They are seriously good at translating a customer's actions into marketing insights, and those insights help clients make business decisions with confidence. During a run ten years ago, Stacy had the vision to create a marketing firm that maintains the integrity of research science but also embraces the spirit of humanity. That idea is still the central motivation of Good Run Research.
Listen and learn:  
  • Market research: What it is and how your business can benefit from it
  • The shifts in purchasing caused by the pandemic
  • The risks associated with not adjusting to changing market drivers
  • How market research helps business owners set business goals
  • How small businesses can do market research without a big budget
  • Market research best practices for small business owners
  • Common mistakes business owners make when it comes to market research
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