Demystifying Venture Capital Funding

Liz Doerr ,
Sandbox, Virginia Women in Venture

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Venture capital is a term you may associate with the TV show Shark Tank or as the primary funding source behind big companies like Facebook, Starbucks, and Uber. But, what is venture capital funding and how can you use it as part of your business growth strategy? When it comes to financially supporting your business, can you use venture capital to expand when a traditional loan is out of reach? And, how do you now if your business has the high-level metrics, market traction, and scalability private equity investors are looking for? To break down venture capital into bite-sized, easily digestible pieces, host Mary Foley speaks with Liz Doerr, co-founder and fractional CFO of Sandbox. Sandbox is an outcome-focused team of finance, operations, and employee consultants helping companies launch, grow,and monetize their emerging businesses. Liz co-founded the company because she is passionate about helping entrepreneurs get the funding they need to become successful. After hosting an event for women investors where the number of women who attended was more than double what she expected, Liz co-founded Virginia Women in Venture with a group of her mentors. She finds inspiration in helping women find their place in the venture capital and private equity space.
Listen and learn:
  • Venture capital basics
  • The difference between public and private companies
  • When to turn to venture capital investment over traditional loans
  • What venture capitalists look for when deciding to invest in a business
  • How small business owners can utilize venture capital investments
  • Examples of businesses who successfully secured venture capital funding
  • Timelines and options of private equity funding
  • How likely women are to receive venture capital funding
  • Opportunities for women to invest in private companies
  • Diversity issues that exist in the private equity space
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