october, 2018

12oct8:00 am12:00 pmIt's All About You!8:00 am - 12:00 pm


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It’s All About You!

Your You-PrintTM, Your Brilliance, Your Influence!

Who Must Attend:



Business Owners



Community Partners


You Will Learn:

How to discover, develop, and capitalize on your talents to thrive in your workplace and live a fulfilled and purposeful life!

The power of reshaping the myth of traditional work-life balance into transformative Work-Life Integration™

Effective ways to motivate, inspire, and develop your team (or family) to increase sense of value, performance, productivity, morale, and loyalty!

How to embrace your uniqueness and allow it to shine in any circumstance!

How to activate your influence across teams, generations, and locales to create movements that inspire, uplift, and serve a greater good!

What would happen if we focused on what was right with people rather than fixating on what was wrong with them?

What would happen if we replaced the axiom, “Work hard, play harder,” with “Make your work and your play indistinguishable?”

How many people could you have a life-changing impact on if you knew not only what to say, but also how to say it in a way they would want to hear it? How many lives could you change? How would your team or entire organization grow?  What impact would you have?  On your life?  Your Family?  Your Team?  Your Organization?  Your Community?  Your Nation?

The “It’s All About You” Conference reveals the inherent value that YOU…and every person…possess and will inspire YOU to deliver YOU to the world, gain ears to hear, and grant you the opportunity to make the impact only YOU can make!

We look forward to meeting and learning All About YOU!

With Unconditional Gratitude,

Amber, Crystel Lynn, Melody, & Dr. Sherri

“We believe that every person has inherent value. The ideal environment in enhancing that value is the workplace, where we spend most of our adult lives.  It is our obligation to reveal and develop your personal and professional value and guide you toward living an extraordinary life. Our movement redefines “work,” and provides transformed organizations the opportunity to reshape the world.”

About the Speakers:

Amber Valentine

Master of Direct Sales, Team-Building Expert, Creator of Hotmess 101, and Dream Activator

Amber Valentine is a self-made success, going from a small-town girl with a less-than-glamorous beginning to teaching millions how to #LiveOutLoud from the stage.  She made her first impact through Direct Sales driving around a Pink Cadillac and helping others transform externally with her make-up artistry.

Now, she travels the world with her message of internal transformation through speaking and coaching.  Her ultimate goal is to add eternal transformation by helping others LOVE, on the deepest level, who they are and what they can do every day to make the world theirs, and lead others by example.

Amber is on a mission to transform the world Externally, Internally, and Eternally with the message that you can do anything today to make tomorrow better than yesterday, and every time you SHINE and live out loud you give everyone around you permission to do the same.

“JUST THINK what the world would be like if we stopped asking what it can do for us and we started showing the world what we have to give it!” -Amber

Crystel Lynn Smith

Strategic Influencer, NSA Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and Creator of the You-Print™

Crystel Lynn Smith is nationally known as the go to person for high-energy, business acumen, and life-changing activation.  Her passion for serving others gives those who know and work with Crystel the opportunity to achieve and live a life they could have only imagined before connecting with this bold and humble leader.

Crystel has been partnering with, and coaching, businesses and individuals for over twenty years. Her clients have referred to Crystel as the “Best investment to date!” They are eager to actively share their unprecedented experience in partnering with Crystel. Her clients boldly proclaim, “Working with Crystel is critical to the success of our organization!”

Crystel’s innate ability to see the big picture, strategically design plans for success, influence her clients and their teams, and hold them accountable in achieving greatness make Crystel the prominent choice for forward-thinking innovative organizations.

Crystel exemplifies living an extraordinary life as a Best-Selling Author, compelling NSA speaker, Founder and Co-Founder of three businesses and life-transforming organizations.

“Every person must be given the opportunity to live an extraordinary life. It’s my obligation, my calling, to merely serve as the vessel.” -Crystel

Dr. Sherri M. Yoder

Transformative Psychologist, NSA Professional Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and Creator of the You-Print™

Sherri Michelle Yoder is an influential leader who devotes her time to learning about the needs of people.  She harvests her knowledge from thousands of development experiences with others, and from expertise gained through her experience as a psychology doctoral graduate.

Dr. Sherri is insightful and able to reveal the God-given gifts of people in a way that resonates with them and serves as the impetus for personal and professional transformation.  Her clients have graciously described meeting her as “the best thing that could have ever happened!”  She is a catalyst for the revelation of individual value.

Dr. Sherri’s breadth of knowledge and affinity for personal connection have been highlighted for more than two decades in the form of individual and team supervision and development in the workplace, graduate-level course instruction, individual and team coaching, and inspirational speaking experiences.

Most recently, Dr. Sherri co-authored the best-selling new release on Amazon, “It’s All About Me!,” which effectively translates the needs of people in the workplace to the decision-makers who can transform their working lives into days filled with purpose and passion.

“Be the unique you YOU were created to be.  The world needs you.” -Dr. Sherri

Melody Pagé-Ferry

International Educator, Founder of Net 2.0, Business Owner, and Professional Speaker

Melody has a degree in Psychology with a minor in Art. She has traveled extensively all over the world while living overseas for almost 10 years. Her experience has given her a valuable insight on diversity and culture, and she is passionate about inclusion and building confidence in others.

With 13 years of classroom teaching and over 14 years of Sales & Marketing experience she is well versed in creating intention, planning & action! She has combined these experiences to create a dynamic business helping people navigate the world of Relationship Marketing and how it pertains to their business and personal lives.

Melody is the Co-Founder of NET 2.0, a successful networking group dedicated to educating people how to build their network, extend their influence and create a solid foundation for business.

Melody is currently working on her first book that will help people navigate the world of networking and is excited to continually share her insight at her upcoming events.

“Understanding who you are and how you can help will bring you more joy than you can imagine.” -Melody


(Friday) 8:00 am - 12:00 pm


NOVA Ernst Community Cultural Center

8430 Center Drive Annandale, VA 22003